Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fire Day Lily

I am happy to offer FIRE DAY LILY - unique watercolor.

It is a dynamic painting-- full of life and color.

Fire Day Lily
22" h x 15" w


Double "D" said...

Hi Carol,

You continue to amaze and inspire me.
Doesn't matter which painting I look at,
they all hit me right in the head and then
the heart and leave me stunned at the
talent you possess.

All of this is true!


Carol Carter said...
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Carol Carter said...

Doug,, This is so nice of you to write. I appreicate your thoughtfulness and candor. It truly is a blessing to be in touch!

Your words touch me.... and have made my day.

I am happy that the work appeals to your heart. That is the most important connection I believe...

I plan to post more work soon... and I hope you'll be returning to see.

All the best to you in your creative painting ~~