Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lily- acrylic painting

This beautiful unique acrylic painting is available for your collection.

It is on panel and readily shipment ready.

11" h x 14" w
email for purchase


Double "D" said...

Hi Carol,

Spectacular! Just another
example of how creative you are.
You have the most appealing and unusual
compositions. The colors and rendering
style is very stimulating.

Sometimes I wish I knew what your thinking
process and preparation was like, but then
that would take the mystery out of it for me
It's more fun to wonder and enjoy each piece.

Hows the set up going?
Till later,

Carol Carter said...

Doug! Thanks for the post! This was a simple and direct painting ... one that is familiar for me. I love painting lilies!
Of course, if you took a wc class from me...I would do my best to break down how/why I paint the way I do. But I agree... it's better to have the mystery at times.

The set up for the Italy show is going great. Will be posting pics soon on my other blog.
Check it out!